Uniform | corduroy jumpsuits

Two resolutions for 2018: Only purchase ethically-made goods, and make sure some of those goods are matching outfits for me and Wallace.  While I try to make intentional purchases most times, I do have impulsive moments of mindless spending which leads drawers filled with fast fashion or throwaway clothing.  With toddlers, it seems silly to spend more on items of clothing that will be worn for a brief period of time but often the USA made goods last longer so you can end up spending less.  This year I am spending more on less and hopefully everything we buy lasts us the intended season.  Our dollar is truly how we vote and I want to vote with intention while also supporting companies who share the same ethical code. 

 Nico Nico has been one of my favorite kid's brands since Wallace was a baby and this season I was super excited to find corduroy jumpsuits for both of us.  I adore dressing up like my son (and though he won't admit it, I think he digs it too) and these jumpsuits are the perfect staple for cooler weather.  Our family took a trip to Lake Arrowhead for New Year's and both of us put this jumpsuit to good use. 

Good news!  The kid's jumpsuit is now on sale!