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Can we talk about the resurgence of hand-made goods and in particular, ceramics?  I have always been a fan stoneware and it seems like I discover a new artisan daily.  Thrift shopping is a part of my world and each time I visit a store, I head to the home-goods section first to scope out ceramics.  There is something very special about something that is created by hand and then discarded only to be picked up by someone else at a later date.  I love the history of these pieces as much as I love the artistry behind them wanted to share some that I have found lately.  Here are some beautiful ceramic images for your viewing pleasure.   

Shop Up Los Angeles | my favorite finds

This is the second year that I have attended the Shop Up event in Los Angeles and it did not disappoint.  Shop Up is a perfectly curated event of adorable and sustainable children's brands and this year's location is the Springs, which happens to be my favorite downtown meeting spot.  Cute kids clothes + a place with kombucha on tap = a dreamy Sunday.  I found a handful of great brands with offerings for boys but unfortunately most of the lines are geared towards little ladies which means, I must have a daughter.  More on that later but now back to my favorite finds at this year's Shop Up.

My favorite company this year is Lil Bellies.  This line strives to inspire kids and families to connect, discover and explore the wonders of Nature through our designs and supplies.  Their booth consisted of nature journals, carved pencils, magnifying glasses, small market baskets, adorable enamel ware and more.  I loved that there was a place to purchase meaningful goods for Wallace and I ended up grabbing him a few of my favorites including this flashlight.  Claudia, the owner of Lil Bellies is also the most enchanting and beautiful mother.  If you plan to attend the event, they are located in the outdoor patio area with the polka dot wall.  

The next item that I really liked was this jumper by Morton & Mabel.  I had not heard of this brand prior to today and after doing a little research and finding out things like this, I am in.  The founder of  this line Kate Brown creates all of the designs and and puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability, which you know I love.  Everything this line offers is stunning and I am counting down until they offer this jumper in Wally's size. 

Willaby is another company that I discovered this year and fell quickly in-love with.  This company creates the most beautiful organic clothing and accessories.  If you're looking to really get behind something, head over to their About Page and learn of their sustainability efforts and how the company got it's name.  I didn't see this quilt today but I would love to get it for our next baby (I am not pregnant just baby crazy).  

 Goat-Milk Kid-Ware creates organic basics for kids and these got me wishing Wally was potty-trained.  I also really love this dress for little girls (another reason I need a daughter).  The creative direction at this company is incredible and I loved finding them at the event today.

City Goats | kidswear for slow living, isn't that the most enticing name and slogan?  The items from this company are completely organic and naturally died.  The design is stunning and understated, which I am beginning to appreciate more as I start to try to create outfits for Wallace.  It's nice to have well-made basics that go with everything and this company offers a few beauties like this jumper and this shirt.  

Another great company that caught my eye was the Bear & Bud Bookclub.  Books have become one of our favorite past times and this company offers a subscription that includes a new book with an activity delivered each month.  This seems like a promising way to keep Wallace interested in a story and also a great way to finish a craft each month.  I love this concept and can't wait to give it a try!

I would be doing you a huge disservice if I didn't include this jacket by Frankie & Ava.  It's a knitted denim jacket, need I say more?

Here is another reason why I need a daughter.  Wil + Frida makes adorable sets for girls and these little rompers are beyond.    

Of course the highlight to any event is the people you see and running into Kim from the Springs was tops.  Here is a photo of her insanely cute daughter, Pax.

If you go to Shop Up, tell me all about your favorite brands.  Is there anything I should have included?


Quick Turmeric Latte

I know I am a little late to the game, and Golden Milks were all the rage last year, but I finally made a Turmeric Latte.  Turmeric is a staple in our home, as I enjoy cooking curries and always add it to my bone brothso throwing together a quick latte was a natural process.  If you aren't already familiar with turmeric there are a few benefits that I should mention.  It is anti-inflammatory which is great for arthritis and many western diseases including heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.  Studies have also shown that turmeric can help with depression and is anti-aging.  There is a lot of information on turmeric and if you want a more in-depth summary of it's benefits you can go here but in this space, I try to keep it very basic so people at all levels of wellness can keep up.

Okay back to the latte.  Moon Deli is a great supplement company and their Golden Turmeric  with ginger and black pepper is next-level.  Black pepper helps your body with absorption and a lot of golden milk recipes will call for this addition, but this blend already has it.  The Golden Turmeric blend also has ginger which further helps with inflammation and digestion, among other things.  Here is the 1,2, 3, easy way that I made a Turmeric Latte.  



  • Golden Turmeric
  • Vanilla Cream Stevia
  • Milk of choice, I used hemp
  • Cute Coffee Mug
  • Cute Wooden Spoon


  1.  Heat one cup of milk until warm but not boiling 
  2. Add one teaspoon of Golden Turmeric Blend
  3. Add three drops of Vanilla Cream Stevia
  4. Stir and Enjoy