Taking Time

Last week I had dinner with a dear friend and the subject of additional babies came up.  I, for one, am not ready for another child and am trying to be fully present for Wally during these first stages of his life.  As we went around the circle and shared our positions on the topic of siblings for our children, one of my friends said that she was not desiring an additional little one but instead wishes that she could go back to when her son was Wally's age so that she could enjoy those moments all over again.  She said that she missed when it was just the two of them hanging out during the day, nursing and cuddling.  I loved this thought as lately I have been thinking that I could enjoy 6-month-old Wally forever.

I started to reflect on how I really spend my days with Wally and realized that I have not been super present.  I often set Wally up with blocks and let him play while I tend to business online.  I try to squeeze posts in while he's occupied and try to finish edits from photoshoots while he sleeps.  I have not been taking in these baby moments and they are flying by.  Wallace is crawling, pulling himself up and starting to cruise.  Just like that, my teeny newborn is becoming a mobile little guy and I have been spending too many moments staring at my computer and cell phone.

I decided to take last week off to enjoy the time with Wally.  I didn't do any work, answered few emails (sorry if I owe you one) and tried to really take it all in.  These days were spent laughing, cuddling, wrestling, reading our favorite books and practicing new character voices.  I didn't spend much time on social media, or online and am grateful that my schedule allows me this opportunity.  I finished the week off by visiting my mother in Central California.  There isn't a TV in the living room and her internet speed feels like the 90s so we cooked and just stared at Wally for two complete days, a real forced break.  This was the perfect way to end my mandatory time out.  

Now I am home in Los Angeles and am getting back to work.  I am finishing a huge edit, completing this months editorial calendar and preparing for a long road trip but still somehow, trying to carve out time each day to connect with my baby because these moments are fleeting and spending this time together is so necessary.

Here are some recent photo favorites