Road Trip to Colorado and the Grand Canyon

Last week our little family hit the road for a trip to Colorado and The Grand Canyon.  Initially, the purpose of our trip was to celebrate our dear friend's mother's 60th birthday but the trip was extended so we could see some of the country with Wally.  I love road trips and taking the time to see Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona was dreamy.  I was amazed at the different climates we covered in the week that we were on the road and was ecstatic to see autumn leaves as it has still been quite warm in Los Angeles.  We spent three nights in Colorado staying at our friend's Airbnb, a perfect little writer's cottage with a great vinyl selection. We had the best time celebrating Cate Boddington and were so grateful to make many new friends in Colorado.  Our friend Will took us to the Garden of the Gods and my mind was blown.  It is truly an incredible place and a very scenic spot for photos.  We also spent an afternoon in a little gypsy town with an abundant supply of free flowing mineral water called Manitou Springs.

On our way to Arizona we stopped in Albuquerque, NM and ate at this delicious vegan spot.  Bryan is always a bit reluctant to commit to vegan food for a meal but this place was legit.  They also had a ton of indoor/outdoor seating and lots of room to spread out with Wally.  Our next stop was Flagstaff, AZ, where we were welcomed with a lightening storm.  I fell in love with the brick buildings in downtown Flagstaff and had great burgers from The Mama Burger.  I am a real sucker for a good veggie burger so was super stoked to find this place. 

This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon and it was jaw dropping.  I have been talking to friends about my plans to go and had a few people tell me that it was just a canyon, no big deal.  The Grand Canyon is nothing short of amazing and indeed, a very big deal.  One the day of our visit, rain was clearing up and it made for some really dramatic photos of the canyon.  I was speechless after catching my first glimpse and could not see where the canyon ended, it seemed infinite.  I felt tiny and was extremely humbled to have finally witnessed this first hand.

Luckily, Wallace enjoys his car seat but after the sixth day, he was super ready to get out of the car and stretch out.  We love the road but are all very grateful to be home.