Dog Products that are useful for baby

During a long road trip and a typical back of the Prius diaper change, we had a really nasty diaper without any place to put it.  There was not a rest stop for miles and we have not kept any of our road trip food bags with us.  Frantic, we searched the car for anything that would resolve this problem and voila, doggie poop bags.  

This was the beginning of our dual purpose relationship with our dog supplies.  When it comes to having a new baby, you have to be creative and we love finding these life hacks.

In addition to doggy bags, we use pee pee pads as portable changing pads and as changing table liners.  Dog beds are also really great as a mobile baby bed.  I found this one which is a great size for little babies and isn't too high in case they roll over.

Do you have any dog items that serve a dual purpose in your home?  Let me know.