This anniversary we decided to take a spontaneous trip up the 101.  Wally fell asleep on the way so I actually rode in the front seat and pretended like we were on a date.  I put on Little Joy, a band that we listened to when we were falling in love and it reminded me of the first time we got out of town together.  We ate fish tacos by the beach and walked around a rainy Santa Barbara.  We drank coffee at a cafe and tried on hats at a shop on State Street (see photo below which demonstrates my teeny sized head).  I have been working on putting less pressure on holidays so hoping in the car without an agenda was a perfect way to celebrate.  I am so grateful that I have a partner like Bryan because even though he didn't remember our anniversary in advance and definitely asked me yesterday what I was doing today, he took the day off, packed the car, drove me to the beach and hung out with me and Wally.  

Today was truly the best.