Family Calendar

As two artists with a new baby it has become more difficult for Bryan and I to designate time for our various crafts.  We have both gradually been getting back into our creative grooves (Bryan has been recording an album, I have been shooting photography) and now that we have Wallace around, we have to get more organized to make sure Wally is covered.  Bryan and I have decided to get a family calendar.  I know that having a calendar seems like an obvious system but I started really planning my time after Wally was born and Bryan is still a bit behind it when it comes to day planning.  

Writing your plans down keeps your partner in the know.  For us, we make sure that once an event is in, that's the plan and if something is booked that requires the other parent to watch the baby or attend, nothing else can be planned on the same day.  We have been able to plan outings with our friends, set aside time for creativity and also make time for the family aside from weeknight dinners and laundry sessions.  I have realized that it is just as important to make plans with our family as it to plan friend outings.  Since Bryan and I see each other every night, sometimes this can be considered quality time but I appreciate when we take the time to do something different so our family dynamic stays exciting and we use that time to just be present and not connected to social media or computers.  

Having a calendar in a place where both people can see it, has helped us both respect each other's time, something that can get tricky since I am home during the day and this can be viewed as free time.  I have started to put my exact plans which helps me ensure that all of my work gets done during the week and gives Bryan an idea of our week.  Now we are both able to have a better idea of the amount of free time we have or don't have each week, we can make better choices about time management, a largely important parental skill that we are both starting to appreciate.


What are some ways that you keep you family organized?