DIY Tomahawk Toy

I came home after a photo shoot the other night to three handmade toys that my husband Bryan created from empty wrapping paper rolls, toilet paper rolls, tape and some wrapping paper scraps (essentially trash).  Wally was carrying around one of the hand toys all night and seemed to really enjoy it so I figured this would be a great DIY for the holidays since a lot of people will be wrapping gifts and will have all of the supplies on-hand.  We also really love crafts around here so appreciated having a holiday craft session in addition to our annual ornament making.

The photos below should demonstrate the entire process well but here is a summary.

1. Cut a piece of empty wrapping roll paper the length of your child's forearm.

2. Since most rolls are now just rolled up paper instead of cardboard, unroll completely and then re-roll tightly to desired width.  Tape the seam.  Cut another piece from the wrapping paper roll and repeat process, rolling tighter so that it fits inside the original piece. This will make the handle stronger.

3. To make the fringe on the bottom, use a leather strap. Fold it a few times and put half inside the tube. Cut the hanging pieces in half and tape down the middle.  Put tape on both sides of the fringe and press together to make sure each piece is taped tightly.  Reinforce the end of the tube and the fringe with more tape.

4. Cut a square in the toilet paper roll just smaller than the handle of your tomahawk.  Add diagonal cuts to create flaps.  Place handle inside and tape flaps to the handle.  Reinforce the tape on all sides.

5. Pinch one side of the toilet paper roll to create an "axe" shape.  Tape lengthwise along the side to reinforce the shape. 

6. To create the hammer side of the head, make a ball out of wrapping paper scraps and tape tightly.  The ball should be just a tiny bit larger than the opening of the toilet paper roll so that you can squeeze it inside and it fits tightly.  Secure with tape.

7. Adding leather to the end is optional (we also have one with just tape) but to do this, cut a triangle out of scrap leather and tape to the hammer end of your tomahawk.

8. To finish, tape off the entire tomahawk and create a design with varying colors of tape.  We added red accents but have one with just black and white that looks really cool.