Three Pregnancy Essentials

When you first get pregnant everyone has a suggestion on something you absolutely must have for your pregnancy.  From books, to foods to natural products, ever person has at least one item that they swear by.

Here are three things that I have used religiously throughout my pregnancy that have been essential to my process. 

1. The Childbearing Year by Susun S. Weed has been the best reference book for holistic recommendations for common pregnancy ailments.  It has a complete list of herbs and remedies to apply during pregnancy.

2. Traditional Medicine Pregnancy Tea has been a part of my day since the first trimester.  This tea includes two of my favorites nettle (helps with kidneys, reduces hemorrhoids, eases leg cramps) and raspberry leaf (helps with morning sickness, reduces pain during labor and after birth and assists in milk production).  

3. Thesis Beauty Body Cream  Since I didn't have to worry about feeling ill throughout my pregnancy, stretch marks were my next concern.  I tried a variety of creams right when I found out I was pregnant and this was such a score to find.  The consistency is perfect (less sticky than other creams that I tried) and I also really love the unscented scent.  It leaves you feeling moisturized all day.