39 weeks and waiting

     A few weeks ago at my baby blessing, a friend warned me about the end of pregnancy waiting game.  Initially I thought there would be absolutely no chance of me having any free time and even less of a chance spending any time just waiting.  Here I am, 39 weeks and staring at my tummy for hours daily, anticipating the arrival of our first child.  

Some of the ways I have been passing the time are:

1. Cooking healthy food in bulk

-I have been prepping our freezer with food that can be easily defrosted and reheated for the week after the baby is born. 

2. Walking

-Walking has become a huge part of my daily routine.  It is a time where I can be alone to think and also a great way to get baby to lower into birthing position

3. Reading out loud

-I am trying to use this time to finish any unread books (there are usually multiple books started and unfinished around my house) and this is also a way to stimulate the baby while he is still in the womb.

4. Connecting with friends

-I have been trying to squeeze in last minute gatherings knowing that the next month is going to be nothing but baby.

5. Resting

-Everyone has told me to stock up on sleep.  While I know this is unrealistic, I have been trying to take at least one short nap a day.

6. Writing

-I have been trying to log my feelings during this time so that I can look back and remember my experience.

7. Enjoying time with Bryan

-Bryan and I have been really enjoying our last moments as a twosome.  We have been sleeping in, watching movies, going on walks and really trying to get connected before baby Wallace blesses us.