FIND | unconventional diaper bag

When Bryan and I were deciding on what we wanted to bring into home when it came to baby stuff we knew we wanted it to be minimal and unique.  We live in a small space in Highland Park, a neighborhood in North East Los Angeles and don't have the square footage to accommodate all of the extras.  I also did not want our place to look like a day care which can happen really easily in a small space with just a few bright-colored plastic baby goods.

One of the items I was adamant about was a diaper bag.  Most of the diaper bags I have seen are esthetically such a bummer and are also very obviously a diaper bag which blows when dad has to take a shift.  Also, these bags can get really pricey and I believe that there is a way to be a stylish mom without buying in to all of societies "must have" lists.  I had been looking online at old bags including messenger and camera bags and found this great piece at the Rosebowl Flea Market for $25.  It has a lot of different pockets and seems to accommodate everything that we need (right now necessities include, changing pad, a few diapers, a package of wipes, a couple of onsies, socks, a swaddle blanket, my lip gloss and wallet).

Warning: This is all new to us so we might figure out that there is a reason for the oversized diaper bags but for now, this is working for us.