Celebrating Spring with Thistlebe Floral

Spring is in full swing in Los Angeles and what better way to welcome it than to create a beautiful bouquet with some of spring's best offerings?  Since I will never wake up for the flower market, I met up with my dear friend Matt Bollwinkel from Thistlebe Floral and watched him design an arrangement with some of his favorite spring buds.

"One of the great things about flowers in spring is there is not just an abundance available, but the plethora of colors and textures among them are greater than any other time of year. The Pon-Pon Ranunculus in bright yellow and green are a perfect illustration of the lush warmth and new growth associated with coming out of winter.  The Quince Branches with their spring blossoms showcase that brief moment of breathtaking beauty that happens every year mid metamorphosis from bud to fruit. Tulips almost feel like a mascot for spring, so no respectable spring arrangement should be without them. I LOVE the star of Bethlehem flower, and while not particularly emblematic of spring, they are extremely hardy and continuously bloom for weeks if you take care of them. The Ivy, Green Ball Dianthus, and Lily of the Valley bush provide the touch of green growth and sprawling, pouring, lushness that we hope from Spring after a long winter (not that we ever have those in LA)." Matt Bollwinkel.  

I have always enjoyed getting flowers from the farmer's market and making an arrangement for my home but for Matt, arranging flowers is spiritual.  When he works, he is in his element and connected.  Choosing each stem deliberately, he creates layered arrangements with contrasting colors and textures that feel free and unorthodox.  He loves the impermanence of flowers and uses floral design as a way to be in the moment and appreciate the present.  

Matt can be found constructing in Highland Park where he works outside on a vintage tabletop under the sun and the moon.