Wallace takes his first road trip

This weekend we decided to get out of Los Angeles and head to the central valley to visit some family and friends.  Getting out of town was a little tricky as it was our first time packing for three and we didn't anticipate the changing/feeding/changing cycle we would get in as we left town.  After 4 hours and a few parking lot nursing sessions, we made it to my mother's house where we baked brownies and introduced Wally to his uncle Cam.  

On Sunday we had a magical day in Three Rivers at my friends Max and Corina's beautiful home.  Corina informed us about a rad new restaurant called Ol' Buckaroo where we ate grass fed beef and drank Mexican cokes.  On the way back down the hill, we visited my mother's antique store and found a few great scores including a South Western tambourine and straw hat.  To finish the weekend off, we met a couple of friend's babies for the first time.  

My visits to the valley are always short and sweet and I am grateful that I have so many wonderful people to fill the schedule.