The Village | 40 days

Bryan and I are fortunate to have a ton of family and a few friends who have already embarked on the journey of parenthood but in our small circle, we are the first to take this step.  

Initially I thought this meant I would never see my friends as staying up past ten is a thing of the past and now we are a threesome with a serious curfew.  I have been really surprised by the support we have received and all of the friends full of love and eagerness to see our new baby.

Influenced by native culture, my dear friend Lacy and some of my closest lady friends arranged a Village where each day someone would check in with me and help me with whatever I needed including laundry, shopping, walking the dogs, holding the baby while I slept and anything else that I asked.  It has been wonderful seeing someone daily and knowing that if I don't get to the store on a Tuesday, my Wednesday girl will be there to help me the following day.  The Village lightened my new mommy load and helped me transition into my life with baby Wallace.  It has also prevented me from becoming a recluse who never brushes her teeth, which happens faster than you'd think.

As the 40 days comes to an end, I feel an immense level of gratitude to everyone that came over with food, smiles and love.  Bryan and I are truly blessed for our perfect babe and everyone around to welcome him with open hearts.  

Special thanks to: Lacy Phillips, Laura Lombardi, Misi Lecube, Kelsey Collins, Viveca Kindsvatter, Lulu Brud Zsebe and Liz Mahlow.