CREATE | Wood and Leather Play Gym

Bryan and I both appreciate natural elements and good craftsmanship.  When we started looking for baby gear we discovered that natural baby toys were not the norm so we have been creating our own baby gear.  Bryan made a baby gym last week from wood and I was inspired to create my own.  Since we live in such a small space, I also wanted something that could fold up and be put away.  This was a pretty easy project and took a little over an hour to complete.

The total cost of this was about $25. I purchased a couple of larger bags of leather since we are always using it for something so you could probably get away with spending less than $20 if you get the individual pieces. I got everything from Michaels Craft Store.

You will need:

- 2 plywood strips 

* The pieces I got were 1 inch wide and 3 feet long 

-1 wood dowel

-hemp string

-leather pieces, both cord and scraps

-brass plated screw eyes

-wood disks

-krazy glue 

-any other decorative items you want to hang on the dowel



1. Cut the plywood in half so you have 4 even pieces

2. Cut 2 pieces of leather 1 inch wide and about 2.5 inches long 

3. Glue 1 piece of leather per pair of plywood strip so that each piece of wood has the same amount of leather glued to it.  These will be the top of your play gym legs.

2. Glue another smaller piece of leather on the inside of the first piece so that it creates a small space in the very top of each leg

3. Screw the brass screw eyes into the bottom of each piece of plywood about an inch up from the bottom.

4. Cut two even pieces of leather cord about 9 inches long.  

5. Connect the cord to each screw eye, this will prevent the legs from opening all the way and will determine how high the dowel will be.

6. Slip the dowel into the hole created at the top of each triangle leg 

7. Cut two pieces of leather cord about 3 inches long and tie to each leg to tighten the dowel to the legs 

8. Cut the thin wood circles in half and glue to the bottom of the legs

9. Design the wood pieces any way you'd like, use hemp cord and glue to attach and simply tie to the dowel.  I hung a couple of pieces of leather and a few round pieces.