GETTING OUT | Mama Mornings | first event with Wally

The last few months of pregnancy and the first couple of months postpartum can make one a bit reclusive.  The beautiful nesting process is replaced by labor recovery and caring for you new infant, not leaving much desire to venture out.  

Although I have so much gratitude for this unique time in my life, I have recently been wanting to step out into the world as my new mommy self so have been on the lookout for an inspiring mom event to partake in.  My dear friend Lacy Phillips introduced me to Mama Mornings, an intimate gathering for mamas and babes and I knew this would be the perfect place to debut my new role.

This particular Mama Morning took place at Communal LA, a multifunctional gathering space in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.  There were delicious offerings from from Valley Brink Road, Ergo experts with information on baby wearing and a craft table curated by Sophie Assa from Eeniemeeniebambini where moms created art with their babes.  The sense of community and connection was inspiring.  I bonded with other creative moms, heard birth stories, shared baby names and commiserated on nursing.  It was exactly the level of social interaction I needed and I found myself buzzing for the rest of the day.  

It may seem small but I felt so accomplished.  It wasn't perfect and I definitely walked back to the car post an unsuccessful nursing session with a huge milk spot on one side of my dress but I still did it.  I left the house with make-up on, wore my baby and conversed with new people.  I am a mom and I am so proud.

You can find out more information about Mama Mornings and the vibrant founder Erica Chidi Cohen here.

 Photo by  Lauren Moore

Photo by Lauren Moore