Nursing is a super power

A few weeks ago, Bryan referred to nursing as my super power and I had a real shift in perspective.  Occasionally, it can feel lonely being the first person in a friend circle to have a child and if you add nursing to the equation, it creates even more separation.  I had not thought about the continuation of my mellow lifestyle post baby and believed that Wallace would be integrated into my life but things would mostly go back to normal.  This hasn't exactly been the case since I am still the designated driver and need to leave the room from time to time to nurse.  

Though I love the private moments that Wallace and I share, I dont't want to miss anything because I am nursing.  Now that I am looking at nursing as a super power, I just think of myself as Clark Kent and imagine going into a phone booth to turn into super mama.  This also makes its easier to remain sober knowing that any moment I need to bust out my super powers and feed my baby.  I am grateful for my healthy baby and honored to be a mother.

With great power, comes great responsibility and nourishing my baby is the greatest power.