Finding new meaning on Father's Day

My father was in a devastating car accident when I was a baby and was left severely disabled.  Though my family maintained a good sense of humor, growing up without a father was imbalanced.  I believe that while mothers toughen their daughters up and teach them confidence, the relationship between fathers and daughters is usually tender and helps women learn to be gentle.  Since I did not have a father, I acted tough to overcompensate for a tender spot on my soul and Father's Day has always been emotional for me.

This year father's day takes on new meaning as I am able to celebrate the father of my child Bryan Arrigo.  He is my partner, my lover, my friend.  He is honest and strong.  He tells me that I am beautiful every. single. day.  He loves me and he loves our son immensely.  He would do anything to make his family happy and this defines fatherhood.  He was born to be the leader of his own pack and I am grateful to come along for the ride.

Once you start your own family, new traditions are made.  This year we ate mexican food and reminisced about when we first met, something I believe we could do every year for Father's Day.  

I hope all the good dads are being celebrated today because a good father is nothing to take for granted.