Minimizing your Makeup

Last week after struggling to get coverage from a very broken compact (see photo below), I realized that I had accumulated a ton of makeup that I never use anymore and have run low on some of my essentials.  While I was pregnant I sort of let my mama maintenance go by the wayside and have run low on some of my favorite grooming products, makeup being at the top of the list.  I decided to toss out the excess/expired products and start fresh with a few of my favorites.  

Since I have been on a real cleaning binge, this was the perfect opportunity to minimize my makeup and get more organized in the process.  I emptied out an old suitcase full of makeup and organized everything on my dresser and put my products in a few different containers, including my coveted LAB Lagny crock.  I recommend stocking up on new goods and cleaning out the old prior to having your baby so you don't have another item on your hefty to-do list.  

Here is a list of my bare necessities for a minimal makeup regimen 

Moisturizer | I have been using argon oil like this instead of moisturizer

Concealer | This concealer has great coverage for dark circles from long nights 

Powder | Yesterday I got this powder because of the organic ingredients Josie Marin uses

Bronzer or Blush | I just purchased this bronzer made from Amazonian Clay

Mascara | I have been using this mascara for years and love it

Lipstick day | I love this nude lipstick for everyday use 

Lipstick night | Every girl needs red lipstick.  Period.  I like this matte finish red