Vintage Levi's 501 | the perfect postpartum jeans

The day that I got home from the hospital I immediately tried to put on my old clothes thinking "if the baby is out, I should be the same size I was before."  After 12 weeks, this is still not the case and although I am steadily losing the baby weight, me and my old jeans won't be hanging out for a while.  So even though, I have been longing for the perfect high waisted pants (and a thin body to go in them), I don't want to invest too much in any transitional clothing.  After many thrifting missions and eBay sessions, I have purchased a couple of pair of vintage Levi's.  

Vintage Levi's are the perfect postpartum pants for a few reasons.  Firstly, they have a flattering fit and compliment even the frumpiest of bums.  Additionally, Levi's 501 jeans are pretty cheap and can be found for around $30 on eBay, already broken in, with nice wear which is such a bonus.  I also feel really thin when I wear 501s since they are the jeans that I wore in high school.  I recommend buying them to fit tightly, then as they loosen they take on more of a boyfriend-jean look.  Pair these vintage classics with a nice white button up shirt (convenient for nursing) and boom, a perfect summer outfit.