Baby Proofing our Plants

Bryan and I love plants and have dozens of potted plants in our yard as well as numerous plants inside our home.  Recently we have started talking about baby proofing and eliminating any harmful plants is at the very top of our list.

This is something that has been on Bryan's mind a lot as we have a pencil cactus in our yard and were recently informed of it's toxic sap.  Then I started doing a little research and identified hydrangeas on the side of the house, an Aralia in our bedroom and Australian Umbrella Plant on our patio, all of which can be harmful.  After finding out about the danger from these common plants I wanted to get familiar with some others that we need to be cautious of.

Here is a very short list of a few plants that I was surprised to learn can be harmful:

1. Oleander - a single leaf of this plant can be lethal for small children

2. Pencil Cantus - The sap of this plant can cause injury to your eyes or be dangerous if ingested

3. Hydrangea - I love Hydrangeas but just learned that they can be harmful

4. Elephant ear - Leaves can be poisonous when eaten

5. Poinsettia - Latex sap is dangerous 

6. Peace Lily - Can cause swelling of tongue, lips and palate 

7. Australian Umbrella Tree - These plants are everywhere and can cause vomiting and loss of coordination if ingested.

8. Aralia - Can cause vomtting and diarrhea 

*this is not a complete list of poisonous plants and I recommend researching any and all plants that you have in your home.