Cloth Diapers | what worked for us

Cloth diapering is something that I knew that I wanted to do and is one of the few ideas that I had during pregnancy that I saw come to fruition.  I am not sure if I wanted to use cloth diapers more to help mother Earth or if I just liked the way that it looked but after Bryan and I  started telling people about our hopes to cloth diaper, we were gifted almost a year worth of monthly diaper service from LuLu Dew.  If you can swing it, get a diaper service.  It makes the entire experience easier and more enjoyable.  

Since this is my first child, I was in the dark when it came to what type of cloth diapers to purchase.  I relied heavily on recommendations from dear friends and family and ended up purchasing a few different types so we could try them out and decide what worked best for us.  I have also been getting a few people asking me about what we are using so I thought I would pass on our experience.

First we decided to try G Pants.  This diapering system has the cutest diaper cover on the market.  I was really hoping that I could pair the G diaper cover with our cloth diapers but unfortunately, after a few tries, I realized that these covers would not work with the trifold diapers that our service provided.  I did try to use the G Diaper inserts with the G Pants and still had issues with leaks.  The insert, lining and covers are all different layers and the lining doesn't cover the entire cover so I found this system to be unnecessarily difficult and messy.

Rumparooz worked well with our trifold diapers after Wally was 15 lbs.  This diaper cover is not ideal for a small baby because it has so much material and although the size can be modified, it didn't start looking right until after at least a month.  I do like that this cover is unlined and light weight and it has been convenient with the warmer weather.  This company also makes these for newborns which are line and designed to be used without a cloth diaper but I found they worked well with out trifold diapers when Wally was a newborn.  

Similar to Rumparooz, we also tried Flip diaper covers.  These offered the same features as the Rumarooz and also started to fit well after a couple of months.  These are also light weight and have really vibrant colors.  


There are two specific brands that I would recommend the most.  

For a teeny baby we loved these diaper covers by Thirsty in a size one.  They come in a ton of great colors and worked really well for us.  They are unlined but have a double layer at the top which helps with leaks.  These accommodated the trifold diapers nicely and fit Wally great from day one.

Now that Wally is a little larger we are using these diaper covers by Best Bottom.  These covers are wonderful, they have a waterproof lining inside so clothes stay dry and the snaps have allowed us to modify as he grows.  Best Bottoms also have rad color combinations (shown below) and are what I am currently using most often.