Wedding Attire for the Nursing Mother

This summer we have already attended two weddings and have another later in the year, so I have been on the hunt for the perfect postpartum piece that not only compliments my transitional shape but is also nursing friendly.  I am also looking for something either dark in color or a piece with a distracting pattern.  Though these request seem reasonable, it has been really hard finding something that meets my demands.

Here is a list of requirements for the perfect nursing wedding ensemble:

1. Flowy Maxi or loose jumper

- I am still working off those last few pounds and don't want to feel like I am squeezing into anything.

2. Dark colored or funky patterned

-Since my milk production is still a bit cray and unpredictable, a piece that is dark or has a busy pattern would help distract from an accident.

3. Easy nursing access

- Straps, off the shoulder or button down.  

4. Can be worn with a bra

- Although I love halters and backless dresses in the summer, this year it's not in the cards so I need something that will work with a nursing bra.

During my search, I have found a few pieces that I am feeling:



1. Empire Waist Maxi Dress by Felicity & COCO 

2. Striped Midi Slip Dress by Topshop 

3. Linen-cotten V-Neck Jumpsuit in zigzag by JCrew 

4. Silk Maxi Dress in Stripe by Madewell 

5. Sweet Talk Shirt Dress by Free People