Fenugreek, Milk Rich and Oats | breast milk miracles

Last weekend our family had a wedding in Sonoma County.  Alexa, the bride and my dear friend, is a wine maker so inevitably, we drank their Mietz Cellars wine the entire weekend.  While this was very fun in the moment, I returned to Los Angeles completed depleted.  Drinking and eating naughty food for a few days took it's toll and on Monday I noticed a huge decline in my milk production.  I realized that Wallace was nursing more often and wasn't getting full.  My boobs were sad and empty.  We have a ton of milk in the freezer but if that ran out, I was worried that I would have to supplement with formula.

I referred to my herbal remedy books and headed over to our local health food store to stock up on a few herbs to get my milk flowing again.  The two items I picked up were Fenugreek Seed and Milk Rich with Goat's Rue.  I also started to consume the regular serving of these oats which I have been eating religiously since Wally was born.  After 24 hours, voila!  Milk is flowing, baby is happy and I am back to my leaky self.  

I am so grateful for herbal remedies and the knowledge that is available to me.