The tote, the pouch and the mini wallet

I have posted about this before, but I don't dig diaper bags.  I think they are one of those baby items that society says that you must have and ultimately they are excessive, unattractive and overpriced.  When Wally was a teeny babe, Bryan and I were using this and at first, it was working out okay but this bag doesn't have much space and I am over trying to switch my things from bag to bag depending on what I am doing that day.   

To solve this issue, I have created the tote, pouch and mini wallet combo, a dual purpose bag system that works for your daily tote and diaper bag.

With these three items you minimize your daily load, keep all of your mommy things together and have enough daily storage for your baby necessities.  This tote looks nothing like a ridiculously bulky diaper bag and can accommodate both diapers and lip gloss so you won't ever have to worry about moving your items back and forth from your purse to your diaper bag.

Here are some of my favorite totes:  

-This tote from Madewell would would be ideal for an everyday tote/diaper bag.  

-I have also admired this leather shopping tote by Makesmith out of Santa Barbara.  

-This simple market basket is very light and has abundant room for baby things

Here are a couple of cute pouches:

-I purchased this and am in love.  The leather is beautiful and is it really reasonably priced.  This pouch is also made by a small company called Umbrella Collective out of Portland, Oregon and was delivered two days after I ordered.  

-I also love this pouch by Rais Case.  If you haven't had the change to check out this company, do yourself a favor and spend some time window shopping on their site.  Get ready to fall in love with their perfect combination of leather and colored textiles. 

After you have the main pieces to this puzzle, get a good mini wallet because honestly, how often do you use all of the crazy cards that you have collected over the years?  The mini wallet holds your necessities, which is all you need on your daily journey.

-I love everything that Boutonne' does and this wallet is no exception.  The leather is beautiful and I appreciate its minimal design .

-This wallet by Loyal Stricklin is also pretty great.  It is unfortunately sold out but I am keeping my eye out incase it comes back in stock.

This combination has been working really well for me.  I am more organized, have ample room for diapers, wipes, toys and other miscellaneous baby items and I have a great little clutch that I can use solo if I have to run in somewhere quickly and don't need anything else.  I also am using this daily and don't have to worry about which bag is holding what.  It is making my life easier and right now I am all about simplicity.