Preparing for El Niño | rain jacket

The last few years have been extremely dry in California so I, for one, am very excited about the possibility of a wet winter.  While everyone is preparing their rain gutters and anticipating a flood, I am taking this opportunity to update my rain gear with a trench coat to accompany my Hunter rain boots that have not been utilized nearly enough since I purchased them a few years ago. 

On my quest to find the perfect trench coat, I found so many reasonable deals on eBay!  If you haven't started using eBay, do yourself a favor and sign up right now.  Make your new trench coat the first thing you buy and then lose a few days perusing vintage baby clothes and dresses.  I found the ultimate trench coat for less than $30 including shipping.  It's in perfect condition, fits like a glove and will be a staple this season (see photo below).  

If you aren't into buying things secondhand, I found a couple of coats at different price ranges that would work for the rain.

1. Penfield is a wonderful American Company that makes great gear.  I have really been drawn to Navy this year and found this parka, which I would love to have in my closet.   

2.  Trouve makes this coat that I love for the color and simple design.

3. I recently found this coat online at Madewell and fell in love with the minimal design.  It's a bit pricier but would be a gorgeous piece to have.

4. This jacket from Forever21 is super cute and if you used this to make the outer shell water repellent, it would be a great jacket for the rain.

5. H&M is offering this waxed cotton parka for only $69.99 and for the price, it's a great coat. 

6. I found this coat at Nordstrom and love the color.

 Vintage London Fog Coat found on eBay for less than $30

Vintage London Fog Coat found on eBay for less than $30