Beet Kvass with Sarah Anne Bargatze Richardson

I met Sarah Anne at a Mama Morning that I attended when Wally was just a teeny babe.  This was my big debut as a new mother and I immediately felt drawn to Sarah's vibrant energy.  We bonded immediately because we are both young mothers (according to Los Angeles standards), both had boys and are both one of the first in our circles to have children.  

Sarah inspires me on so many levels.  She makes these incredible ceramics and lives with her musician husband in a super rad loft in Echo Park.  She has an excellent esthetic and is also into clean living and charity.  She bakes, she cooks and she ferments.  She is also just a really good mother, which is obvious by the extremely bright light that is her son, Ezra.  Each time I see Sarah I feel like I learn another amazing thing that occupies her time.  I am really hoping that some of this overachieving rubs off on me and am so grateful that our paths have crossed.

Last week I spent some time at her loft and she showed me a staple in her home, beet kvass.  


S |  I love fermented foods, I have been a kimchi and kraut addict for years, I also love kombucha and beets so when I heard about a probiotic beet drink called kvass and its health benefits I was so excited to try it! 
I started drinking beet kvass regularly when I was pregnant with Ezra, I love the briny flavor and the electrolyte boost it provided really helped support me when I was feeling tired or overwhelmed with morning sickness. Kvass, like many lacto-fermented drinks, is more hydrating than water which has been awesome during my breastfeeding journey with my gigantic 25 pound nursling Ez. It also offers support for the blood and liver thanks to the betacyanin in the beets! The high levels of folate and folic acid in the beets and the probiotic qualities make this a perfect tonic for pregnant women and mamas to be. 
One of the best things about kvass is that it's a perfect recipe for those who are new to fermented foods! It is very simple and straightforward with delicious and fortifying results.


Here is the Beet Kvass recipe: 

1 gallon filtered water

3-4 large organic beets

1 + 1/2 Tablespoon unrefined sea salt (I recommend Celtic) 

1 gallon glass jar and lid (sanitize the jar before you start!) 



- Gently wash beets, do not scrub or peel them, just lightly rub to rinse off any dirt on the skin. Washing too vigorously will damage the bacteria that are going to help make our kvass so fizzy and delicious! 

- Chop beets into 1 or 2 inch cubes and add to your clean 1 gallon glass jar. I recommend a brewery supply store for your gallon jar needs, I go to Eagle Rock Homebrew Supply. 

- Add your sea salt to the beets. Use unrefined sea salt for two reasons, one the trace minerals in sea salt are beneficial and also table salt is higher in sodium and contains iodine which may interfere with natural fermentation process.

- Finally add the filtered water, seal and label the lid with the date! 

- Let your kvass ferment out of direct sunlight for about 3 days-3 weeks depending on the temperature and then refrigerate and enjoy. You will know it's ready once its starts to show bubbles on top.  The kvass will keep for months! 

- Once it is ready start drinking about 2-4 oz a day and then work your way up to 4-6 oz if desired. Kvass is also a delicious addition to salad dressings, soups and cocktails. Beety bloody mary, anyone?! haha. 



Creating in the kitchen is really inspiring to me. I love cooking and baking and try to make as much of what we eat as I can manage while juggling my time with Ezra and working as an artist. I am a painter and ceramic artist and for the last few months I have been focusing on growing a business based around my one of a kind handmade home goods while continuing my fine art practice as well. I had my first show here in LA last month and it was wonderful. I am so excited to be a part of such a vibrant artistic community in east LA and can't wait to see what the next year holds! There are some really exciting projects on the horizon. I am currently really excited about a print I created to benefit UNICEF, as a mama I wanted to give to the refugee mothers and children who so desperately need support so I created this print. It will be available in my shop through the 27th and all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF.  For now my work is available through my website and the awesome SF based shop Made for Made by, which creates a platform for both the buyer and artist to give back to art-centric charities in their communities.


To see more of Sarah, her art and beautiful family follow her on Instagram @lajeunessedoree