Marriage | year three

Today Bryan and I are celebrating three years of marriage and with that comes two HUGE changes.  We now have a toddler and are trying to work together to teach him how to be a good person.  Mostly, we are working on teaching him not to hit others, scratch or throw food.  Since we have all grown up with different parents, we all parent differently so disciplining with your partner has it's challenges.  It's like driving in rush hour and having a co-pilot with tons of lane-change recommendations, only you can't say FUCK nearly as many times as you would like because you have a tiny person who will repeat everything you say (Shit is already one of Wally's words).  Your toddler is testing every boundary and then you've got another person who thinks they are more prepared for the situation and chimes in with, "if you just" and "try this".  Oh and did I mention, you can't say FUCK?  If you don't have kids, I hope the traffic analogy gives you some insight, the toddler parenting struggle is real.  In addition to doing our best not to screw up a person, Bryan and I also decided to join our finances.  This has been a somewhat easy transition after we both decided that I would handle the money and Bryan would trust me to do so.  I would have never imagined that just three years after drinking too much whiskey and jumping in the pool in my wedding dress, I would be adulting so hard.  

Even after sharing financial responsibilities and raising a toddler, I love Bryan so damn much.  Occasionally, forget how lucky I am and then, I get a tangible reminder like what happened on Halloween.  While we were trick or treating with Wallace, I lost the lens cap to my camera.  I was so bummed because replacing stuff that you already owned is annoying.  So after a few quick moments searching, I surrendered and we kept moving.  Then, BOOM, Bryan found my cap in the dark, on a lawn of a very cool zombie-decorated home.  Can you think of a more concrete message from the universe?  I know I have posted about this before but Bryan also, always, without fail, leaves me the last piece of chocolate and that is everything.  


Here are some shots from our wedding at the Ojai Rancho Inn.  It was one of my favorite days.