Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for her

If you're like me, you're still on the hunt for last-minute holiday gifts.  Every year, I start off December with the best intentions to finish my shopping early and every year, I scramble to find something meaningful for my nearest and dearest.  Inspired by the Echo Park Craft fair and some of the goodies I picked up, I decided to put together a short list of some of my favorite small-shop gifts.

1.  Stained glass by Debbie Bean - I first saw Debbie's work on Instagram and knew it was something that I wanted to gift this year.  I am always drawn to stained glass and am especially loving the work by Debbie Bean.  I cannot wait to gift the beautiful triangle I purchased and can't wait to see all of the beautiful rainbows the recipient makes in her home.

2. The Emerald Salve from Poppy & Someday has become a staple in our home.  I have always had these crazy knee pains and this salve works better than anything.  I am excited to gift this to my grandmother (who doesn't read my blog so will still be surprised) since she has so many aches and pains.  If you aren't familiar with Poppy and Someday pop over to her site and get ready for healing goodness.  

3. Basically anything from OddbirdCo.  would be an ideal gift because they have the most beautiful Turkish textiles and clothing.  My favorites are this blouse, this dress, these pillows and these towels.  The owner Ceren has the absolute best eye and curates a gorgeous shop.  

4. A set of these tumblers would really make anyone's holiday.  East Fork Pottery has quickly become my favorite ceramics studio.  Their offerings of pastel plates and mini bowls are truly what dreams are made of and these little tumblers would be a cute addition to any kitchen.  

5. I just learned of babaa' knitwear at the Echo Park Craft Fair and was immediately impressed by the fit and feel of these sweaters.  They make adorable baby clothes also but I found this sweater to be my favorite at the fair.

6. The Moonjuice Cookbook is the perfect gift for that foodie friend who is looking for a step up in healthy cooking at home.  If this book is anything like the juice bar in LA, it offers the healthiest faire and next-level nutrition information.  

7.  This gift set from PF Candles is perfect because every single person loves a nice-smelling room. 

8. I have had my eye on this constellation cutting board for a few months and think it would be the perfect way to say I love you, or I like you or please cook me dinner.

9. I have this thing for baskets and the market baskets that are being sold at this online shop are my favorite because of their minimal design and durable build.  

10.  This year I have developed a sincere love for wooden spoons and grab them when anytime I find a good one. I love the offerings at Dotter Store in Highland Park because they have a nice variety and many irregular spoons (which are always my favorite)

Hopefully this short list inspired you to grab something from a small, local shop and hopefully you finish your shopping soon.

Sending love your way.