Children's Room Decor

Living in a small space with a new baby, often tests one's ability to innovate as rooms will be redesigned repeatedly to try to keep up with the ever changing needs.  This week I won a contest on Instagram and received a rad new piece of art that now lives above Wally's crib so I was inspired to do a roundup of cool art for a kid space.  Here are some recent musings. 

1. The Bohemian babe - Stella Maria Baer | if you have not seen the work of this artist, go right now and peruse her stunning instagram feed.  All of her pieces are gorgeous and she chooses calming colors which would be very beneficial for a child's room.  Chill art = chill babies.  

2. The Modernist babe-  Ryan Snow | This is the artist that awarded us a piece.  His work is inspired by the minimalism movement of the 60's so has a strong vintage vibe.  It is also made with organic unbleached raw canvas, natural earth pigments and finished with beeswax so is toxin free, such a bonus.

3. The Whimsical babe - Christine Della Cioppa | I love the details that exist in each scene of Christine's art.  Each piece offers many different scenes with playful characters and rich colors.  I also really love how the characters that she paints all seem to have a smile or happy expression.  I can feel the love beaming from her work.  Christine also donates a portion of the proceeds to ocean conservation.  Swoon.

4. The Desert babe - Wilder California | As a California Native, I love art that is inspired by the eclectic California Native plants.  Wilder California offers beautiful photographs with pastel colors and minimal design.  Also, a portion of the proceeds go to California Parks which is a perk.

5. The Astronomer babe - Teo Zirinis | I heard about Tree and The Rock, a delightful line of artwork for children's rooms through my dear friend Lauren and love the work that they feature.  I especially love the art by Teo Zirinis and this Spaceship piece is my absolute favorite.   

6. The Abstract Shapes babe - Sarah Anne Bargatze Richardson | This artist is constantly creating new art in many different mediums.  I am especially fond of her latest ceramic work but have always loved this drawing which I think would be great on a kid's wall.  I love the abstract nature of the piece and believe it would inspire kids to use their imaginations.  

7. The Animal Lover - Sharon Montrose | This artist has an incredible body of work that features many different animals including baby animals!  Can you think of anything dreamier than teeny baby animals to adorn the walls of your new baby's room?  The only thing that might top it is thisOwl, which I have adored for ages.