Sweet Poached Pear Pizza

We have started a pizza party tradition with a group of our friends.  For this gathering, we pick up pizza dough from our favorite pizzeria in the neighborhood, bring any toppings we choose and we make pizza together.  That is right, you can grab fresh pizza dough.  Finding this out was a huge highlight for 2015.  Since the dough is already made, we can focus on the toppings.  Each person usually ends up bringing something different so we get to enjoy a few different variations.  It's also super fun to roll the dough, throw it in the air and make your own pizza. 

During our first party, we made a sweet pizza and it ended up being my favorite.  So when we decided to do a pizza gathering for the Oscars, I wanted to create another sweet pizza with some pears that I had in the house, fresh ricotta cheese, herbs and honey.  This pie did not disappoint and was again, my personal favorite. 


  • Fresh Buffalo Ricotta Cheese
  • 1 Pear
  • Fresh Thyme Springs
  • Honey
  • Dough from your favorite pizza joint
  • Olive Oil



  1.  Preheat oven to 500 degrees and put cast iron inside. 
  2. To poach the pears cut into quarters then simmer them in 3 cups water and 1 cup sugar.  Typically, I would peel the pears first but I wanted slices for this recipe and decided to keep the peel on.  Simmer until soft but not falling apart.  You can also top with parchment paper while simmering so they don't get discolored. 
  3. To assemble pizza, coat preheated, cast iron skillet with olive oil.  Add small handfuls of ricotta cheese, small droppings of honey, sliced poached pears, and fresh thyme.
  4. Cook on 500 for about 20 minutes.  We rotated and checked the pizza after 10 minutes.

Let cool for five minutes and enjoy with people you love.