Beauty Drink Recipe by Christine Della Cioppa

Christine Della Cioppa wears many hats.  She is an extremely conscious mother, a super talented artist and an herbalist.  She first shared her holistic wisdom with me when she was running the tonic bar at Erewhon and I immediately felt drawn to her.  She has this ability to teach without being pretentious and was one of my favorite parts about that store.  While there, she created a beauty drink that she has referenced a few times and I was curious about her secret recipe so asked her to share.  We drank these tonics yesterday afternoon and I was surprised by how delicious they were despite the crazy ingredient list. 

Beauty Drink recipe:
8 oz of hemp milk: Omega 3
3 tablespoons Tocotrenals (rice bran solubles):Vitamin E
3-5tablespoons Goji berries: Vitamin A Beta Carotene
1 tablespoon of Collagen Grass fed (optional)
1 tablespoon grass fed whey Vanilla
1 tablespoon Camu berry: Vitamin C helps build collagen and is good for your teeth and it also helps other nutrients to absorb especially iron.
1 dropper of Shizandra drops: to help skin retain moisture
5 drops of Silica Strengthens skin hair and nails
1 teaspoon of Pearl powder for glowing smooth skin and calming and grounding effect.
Handful of cashews: Iron and B vitamins
Vanilla Stevia to taste
(optional either add a half avocado or a banana to thicken it up)

The main vitamins for the skin are A, C and E and this recipe has it all. It also will help build collagen and add a healthy youthful glow while smoothing fine lines!


Christine has quickly become one of my favorite people.  Check out her insanely good art here.