Baby Bath Time with Erbaviva

Gift registries are a daunting task for me and when I had my baby shower, my registry was probably very similar to what people saw for my wedding.  A scattered, nonsensical list of items with many essentials missing and duplicates of unimportant items just because they are cute.  Baby bath products seemed to fall through the cracks and I have been without any real bath regimen for Wallace until recently, after discovering Erbaviva, an organic skin care line. 

I love the baby shampoo which has lavender and chamomile essential oils that are great to calm the baby before bed.  This shampoo is also free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates but seems to clean well, as I found when I tried it myself.  After we get out of the bath, I apply the organic baby oil while giving Wally a massage.  I usually incorporate a song and try to get as many giggles as I can.  The baby oil absorbs almost immediately and doesn't leave him feeling oily.  It is also great for diaper rash and has calming essential oils to further relax him before bed.  The baby cream is another great product and we apply often to assist with the dry Los Angeles weather.  This bundle is the perfect trifecta for keeping baby clean and moisturized.  I love that age that Wally is right now and look forward to our baths which have become a great for mommy and me bonding.

Is there anything cuter than two babies in the bath?