Wood Board Love with Jules Blaine Davis

Wallace is now 14 months old and though I am still nursing, we are working to get to a place where he is eating mostly solid foods.  Food and nutrition are very important to me so in my mind, I make him organic vegan meals daily but my reality is a little different.  Most days, I am working on a project which means that I drink coffee until about noon and forget to nourish myself.  I do have Wally with a nanny but after she leaves, lunch is up to me.  At this time, I am so hungry, I usually eat a handful of nuts and then scurry to make something nourishing for Wallace.  I fear that he isn't getting a variety of food and don't want him to become a food junky.  I have have been researching different  toddler feeding methods and have been asking other mothers their ways as I am in need of a major adjustment.

The universe was listening, and I came in contact with Jules Blaine Davis, kitchen healer and natural mother.  Jules has many ideas about life that I appreciate but her main message is spread through the kitchen by way of a food board.  Her "Wood Board Love" is simply the act of preparing food often and having it out before anyone gets hungry.  Jules explains that it is not the child's job to tell us that they are hungry, it is our job to feed them. This cuts out the hunger dialog between mother and child and simply provides constant nourishment. To prepare a Wood Board Love, she cuts fruit, adds nuts, a little cheese and anything that she has leftover in the fridge and places beautifully on a board.  A lightbulb goes off in my head.  Wow, this is how you get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables.  I have worked in a restaurant for over a decade and know how important presentation is so why haven't I been applying this same principle to my own home?  This is how you magically nourish, it makes so much sense.  Jules explains why my fruit rots before I eat it by explaining that if you have a bowl of fruit on the counter, no one will eat it's contents but if you cut up and place nicely on a wood board, the food is gone.  It's the extra step, the time and the love that makes the food desirable.  This was proven when I showed up without hunger and left full of nourishment.  I didn't even know I was hungry and just like that, an entire board of organic goodness gone.  

Preparing a Wood Board Love also offers a time for family to connect without the distraction of anyone frantically making food and rushing to get it on the table.  It's there, it's ready and it's inviting.  Suddenly, it seems so simple.  Take the time to prepare a board and have it available when everyone gets home then spend time together, nourish your bodies and nourish your souls.

If you have the opportunity to meet Jules or attend one of her women's circles, I recommend it.  She is a rare teacher who opens her home and her heart to serve and spread love.  You can read more about her work here.