Something that I am working on...

I have had a number of shifts in my life recently and my typical approach to these changes is to talk the hell out of them.  I verbally beat the horse to death until I have thought, talked, overshared and judged to the point where I can no longer discuss the topic again.  This is how I cope with change, especially when it involves conflict.  I desensitize myself to the negative by looking at it from every single angle and hope that through this process I will see that I am right.  The worst part about my personal approach is how I involve those around me before I do my own work and seek approval to validate my point of view.  Over the long holiday weekend, I spent 16 hours in the car with a good friend and as you can imagine, a trip of that length, lent itself to some serious oversharing opportunities.  And due to my serious anxiety surrounding silence, overshare I did.  I defined the term "chicken head" and chatted my way across the state of California. 

I can home after what was a very successful weekend in terms of photography and instead of feeling accomplished and energized, felt depleted.  It was a long travel weekend for sure but I believe that it was the emotional sharing that drained me.  It was sort of a friendship crash course and I relived many of my past lives during these two days in the car.  I felt like I had overshared experiences that were very behind me and looked for approval for current situations.  In my case these statements usually start with, "I can't believe..." or "honestly" or my personal favorite "whatever, and blah blah blah."  You know the kind of sharing I'm talking about.  I just talk and talk and talk and talk to the point where I make myself emotionally sick.  I am a compulsive sharer and get tired of hearing my own voice.  I am working on doing more personal work before I share so that when I do involve others, I have filtered out needless stories so that I don't burden the ones I love with meandering thoughts.

What are some things that you are currently working on?  Any ideas on how to shut myself up?