Wally's Playhouse Inspiration

Bryan and I have cleared some space in our yard and are developing plans for a playhouse for Wallace.  I have been pushing the idea of an a-frame and Bryan, my uber practical husband, wants to build something with a flat roof to have more usable square footage.  Since our area is small, we have to make the best use of the space so he is probably right but I am still finding images that inspire me with hopes of finding a happy medium between the design in my head and the size of our yard.  I do want a lookout window and I have also been thinking about wallpapering one wall to add some color.  Here are some inspiring playhouses that I love.  


1. Modern Playhouse by Gitane Royce and Nisreen Witt 

2. Modern Playhouse

3. Bohemian Modern Treehouse

4. Forest Story Playhouse

5. Playhouse by Ultra Architects

6. Kidcraft Modern Playhouse


1. Modern

2. Playful