Living more sustainably

Sustainability has been on my mind a lot lately and after many discussions and realizing that I still use ziplock bags, I have been making small shifts to live a cleaner life.  Here are some easy ways to live more sustainably right now.

1. Stop using paper towels.  Bryan and I stopped purchasing paper towels a few years ago and now it's so strange to go into a house where there are towels that are discarded after each use.  Also, they sell really cute kitchen towels like these and these.  

2. Stop using plastic produce bags.  This is a change I recently made and love.  These mesh bags in various sizes are perfect for my farmer's market run.

3. Stop using ziplock bags, foil. plastic wrap and disposable food containers.  There are some really cool products that have replaced throwaway food storage solutions.  I just got these which we have been using for crackers and these are made from recycled plastic.  These bowl covers will replace plastic wrap/foil and are about the cutest things I have ever seen.  Also, no more disposable togo containers!  Get these instead.  

4. Fill a bucket in the shower while your water is warming up.  I like this one.  

5. Use biodegradable Dog Bags like these.  

What are some ways that your family lives sustainably?