Family Day - On a hike

I used to live in this amazing little bungalow in Hollywood near Bronson Canyon and would spend many afternoons hiking the hills nearby.  After we moved to Highland Park and no longer had trails in our backyard, hiking has not been a part of my life but recently I have missed our nature walks.  We are so excited that our new house will be closer to hiking trails so last weekend Bryan and I decided to pick up a baby carrier specific for hiking and explored our soon-to-be neighborhood Alta Dena.  Since I have not been on a hike in so long, I forgot how challenging of an activity it can be so aside from having a really great baby carrier, we were not prepared.  I am determined to get back into hiking so have made a list of some items that I am picking up to use on our next journey to Echo Mountain.


We just purchased this Baby Carrier

This Baby Hat that Wally will probably take off immediately  

The best Water Bottle

Erbaviva Sunscreen

Raw Organic Food Bar

These Hiking Boots

Pendleton Bandana 

This light weight Hat