Everyday Rituals for a Kosmic Kitchen

After spending way too much time worrying about things that were out of my hands in 2016, I am full of hope for 2017 and am focusing on the health of my family.  While I usually try to prepare food ahead of time in bulk too often work, traffic and life in general get in the way and we end up eating out more than I care to admit.  I am familiar with holistic living and healthy food but sometimes, you have to ask a professional so I called on the ladies at The Great Kosmic Kitchen and asked for some advice.  The Great Kosmic Kitchen offers next-level holistic information and their perspective on creating magic in the kitchen is something that resonates with me strongly.  They were kind enough to offer up a Kosmic Kitchen cheat sheet and some ways that I can bring their magic inside my own home.  Here are some tips that they shared that we will utilize in 2017 to keep a healthier kitchen. 

TGKK | We want to share few tried and true tips that help get us through a busy week while still having a little fun. With every meal we prepare we try to infuse a bit of the sacred. Whether we chant over the food, use medicinal herbs or summon the ancient practices of our ancestors, we try to make some magic each time we step into the kitchen. However, this magic doesn’t happen on its own. It takes conjuring. Here are some ways we do it.

1. REMEMBER YOUR MAGIC  so  your intentions can bring energy to every single thing you do. It is the secret sauce in every witch’s meal. If it's your intention to nourish yourself, then the food you buy, the meals you prepare and the way you eat will all reflect the intention you put into it. A quote that stuck with us from the Tassajara Bread Book was, ”Love is not only the most important ingredient: it is the only ingredient that really matters.” So sprinkle all that love you have for your magical self over your breakfast kitchari bowl, your warm greens or mix it into your favorite cup of tea.

2. SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS is a little mantra we tell ourselves. This helps us remember that doing a few simple things the day or so before will make a HUGE difference on the day of. For example, when you come home from the farmer’s market on Sunday morning, instead of just throwing everything in the fridge, prep your veggies for the week ahead—wash and strip kale leaves, chop broccoli and carrots for roasting, dice onions, etc. This little weekend ritual has saved us so much stress during the week and makes nourishing breakfasts, lunches or dinners come together in less than 30 minutes. Seriously.

3. SOAK IT. SPROUT IT. WE’RE ALL ABOUT IT because these simple practices ensure we’re able to digest ancient grains, that everything we eat with grains is also digested and it lessens the cook time while intensifying their sweet nourishing flavor. Soaking + sprouting grains, nuts and legumes is another ‘set yourself up for success’ moment that takes less than 10 seconds to do. Set a reminder on your phone if you have to so that after dinner, when you’re cleaning up, to put some rice or dried beans in a bowl with a little ACV or lemon juice and let them soak, covered with water, overnight. We also find that this ritual helps us plan out what we’re going to eat for the next day or so. A real life saver when you come home ‘hangry’ and the last thing you want to do is think about, “what’s for dinner?”

4. EAT THE WEEDS! Whether your wild harvesting stinging nettle or just picking some dandelion from the backyard, add some medicine to your meals. Wild greens are a bit spunkier than cultivated varieties, and are packed with vitamins and minerals. The nettles featured below are high in vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, and fiber. The wild herbs that pop up during each season are nature’s gifts for our bodies natural healing rhythms. Just look at how dandelion and chickweed offer us liver and lymph support as we come out of the sluggish winter. Not long after, lemon balm and mint spring up to share their soothing and cooling properties with us all summer. If you can’t find a way to get herbs in your food then commit to doing over-night infusions or making a quart of tea to drink. Not only will you be hydrated, you’ll be sipping on vitamins and minerals all day!

5.  WHERE MY HERBS AT? Ask yourself this question when making anything. Can you find a way to sneak herbs into 1 meal, 2 meals, 3 meals a day? This can happen a lot easier when you prep a few herbal foods on the weekend. Need some inspiration?  Check out our wild pesto, spring vinegar, power powder balls or luna chai recipes. Other power plants we use are adaptogens, sometimes called tonics. These plants  help nourish, build up the body and bring it back to homeostasis. Those who use adaptogens over a few months time notice improved immune function, the capacity to deal with everyday stressors, and improvement to overall wellness. Add astragalus to bone broths, tulsi to salad dressings, shatavari to honey, or dream up your own herbal creation.

6. Feel grateful + eat with friends.  Admit it. You just feel good when you’re grateful. The world doesn’t seem so big and scary. You shift your perception and start to take notice of all the little wonderful things that make your life magical. There’s something special about taking a few moments to thank any food that you’re about to eat. Thank the Earth for growing it, the farmer that tended it and the person who made your meal. Notice if you feel even a little more grounded as you take your first bite. Inviting your friends and family over to enjoy a meal with you every so often is a great way to extend this gratitude. Wellness extends beyond the plate, and we believe community promotes good health.

We hope these tips add a touch of magic to your week and help you feel supported to  get into more nourishing routines. 

Fore more information on The Great Kosmic Kitchen, visit their site and get ready to be inspired on your path to better health.