Everyday is a holiday | tips to making home feel like vacation

Aside from the Christmas tree that we are still admiring, the magic of the holiday season has left our home and our winter break is coming to an end.  I will miss the holiday spirit, the decorations and the anticipation of Christmas but mostly I will miss being on vacation.  Everything sort of shuts down for the last two weeks out of the year, work slows so we naturally get into vacation mode in our home.  Our family is local so we don't hop on a plane for the holidays but we try to do something special daily and slow down as if we actually are out of town on vacation.  This means sleeping in, going out a little more and taking it very easy.  I do try to keep this practice alive during the rest of the year so that each day feels like a holiday.  Here are some ways that I keep the vacation vibes stong in our home.    

  1. Don't set a schedule - Bryan is really great about clearing the calendar and keeping the weekends free of a schedule so I take notes from him on this.  With his help, we manage to remain without plans almost once a week and always try to do something spontaneous which feels like vacation.   This can be anything from exploring a different neighborhood to trying a new hike.  
  2. Visit a museum - Museums are typically a part of exploring a new city and Los Angeles is plentiful when it comes to museums.  We recently visited the Broad and took time to have cocktails after.  Cocktails and a museum?  Yes!  This is basically the equation for a vacation experience in your own city.  If you don't live in a city with a museum try exploring another neighborhood in your town and treating yourself to a dinner at a place you've never been.  
  3. Go out for coffee - Coffee has become a part my morning routine (also thanks to Bryan) so anytime we go out of the house for coffee, it's special.  I also like to explore different cafes in other neighborhoods and try out what the locals recommend.
  4. Take a walk after dinner - Walking after dinner is my favorite way to end the day and I especially love walking in the winter in our new neighborhood with the cool, crisp air. Pasadena is a beautiful place with wide tree-lined streets and lends itself to peaceful walks full of magic.  It's a time where we can connect as a family without distraction and an opportunity to explore by foot.  
  5. Make your bed- Jumping into a made bed with clean sheets makes for a more restful sleep and feels nicer.  To accompany your newly made bed, fall asleep without setting an alarm at least once a week.  You might just need that extra sleep and it's restful to wake up to sounds other than a beeping alarm. 
  6. Use fancy products and take a bath - My day-to-day regimen is very minimal so occasionally I like to pull out those apothecary products that I have stashed and take a long bath.  Sometimes, I can even manage to sneak one in while Wally is away and I take a little extra time to soak.  If you don't have any products stashed grab these bath salts, this mask and this skin polish to make your next bath feel like a spa visit.
  7. Keep Champagne in your fridge - because it just feels festive.  Bryan and I don't drink often anymore but it's nice to know it's there if we feel like having a toast.  
  8. Stay in your pajamas - because you can and sometimes you should.  
  9. Drink on a school night - Not often but occasionally, it's nice to act like we don't have to work in the morning so I will make cocktails and Bryan and I will stay up past our bed time.
  10. Fold the end of your toilet paper roll - This is silly but makes the bathroom feel like a hotel.  Bryan surprises me with this occasionally and it makes me laugh.  One on the many reasons I love him so much, he's always making me laugh. 


What are some ways you try to make everyday feel like a vacation?