Jennifer Meyer | shop owner 48 & Sea

I believe that right now, we are experiencing a unique time where women are supporting other women and we are truly coming together for the greater good.  I feel that we are listening to one another with less judgement and more compassion, and there are more women joining forces in every capacity and especially on an entrepreneurial level.  This is part of the inspiration for Jennifer Meyer, the owner of 48 & Sea, a new chic and sustainable online shop.  Upon discovering this shop, I immediately loved the perfectly curated selection which features a stunning collection of home goods, accessories, paper goods, and apothecary products.  There is no shortage of beautiful lifestyle stores in Los Angeles but I'm grateful for the online shops that offer well-made items to people living more remotely.  Everyone should have access to hand-made ceramics bowls and perfectly carved wooden spoons, period.  I love the concept of 48 & Sea and sat down with Jennifer (electronically) and asked her a few questions about her inspiration.  After hearing about her Sunday routine, the two loaves of bread she bakes weekly and her strolls in Brooklyn, I knew we would be fast pals.    

Here are some highlights from our interview:

How was 48 & SEA born?

Upon graduation, I moved from Boston to San Francisco and entered the corporate world of high-end hospitality. The training was fantastic but I quickly realized that the corporate path was not for me. I didn’t feel like my true self and felt constricted. After switching gears a bit, I decided to join an e-commerce design startup. There I worked directly with designers, developers and businesses, helping furnish their spaces and manage the logistical legwork. I loved my experience but still had an itch to create something of my own.

While in San Francisco, I was fortunate to live in the cozy neighborhood of Ocean Beach, which is located on the opposite end of where one might say the “heart” of San Francisco lies, just 7 miles away. Here I met the local entrepreneurs, running beautiful spots like Three Fish Studios, Outerlands and the General Store. Their restaurants, products and stories inspired me I knew I had to change my course and create something that I truly connected with. And so, I left my startup and I began 48 & SEA. 

And the name? 48 & SEA is an homage to my time spent at Ocean Beach, where I lived on 48th Avenue and, well, the sea. It’s a reminder of my shop’s origins, and to stay grounded and honest in all my work.

What is the mission of 48 & SEA?

Our vision is to celebrate women designers by providing a platform that supports their craftsmanship and thoughtful production. In a world of fast fashion and increasing automation, it’s easy to consume fairly mindlessly. We’re rejecting that notion and encouraging consumers to use their purchasing power to make thoughtful decisions and support women entrepreneurs. As a result, we’re also creating this wonderful community of women that celebrates artistry, creativity and independence.

Why all women designers?

We as women are thoughtful, strong, kind and brave (and so much more!). We’re also honest and vulnerable, and I think we inherently crave some form of community. I wanted to create a space that simply supported women and their endeavors. My hope is that this community of inspiring, entrepreneurial women, will encourage others to follow their passions and forge their own paths as well. There are no rules in life, and I love that my designers are just going for it. I’m continually inspired by the women I work with and feel very lucky to be creating a space for them to grow.

How did you curate your shop?

One of my favorite parts about running the shop is discovering new designers. I love that hunt! It’s also a very inspiring process. Each designer has their own brand - from their personal mission to the product photography to their way of giving back. My job is to create a cohesive aesthetic that fits within the 48 & SEA brand, while still ensuring the designers’ values are heard. When selecting the specific products, the criteria is an amalgamation of craftsmanship, practicality and thoughtful design. I look into the designers' sustainable practices, like where they source their materials and what their production process looks like. I also look for products that can and should be used in everyday life.

What are some ways you’re sustainable, or how do you live with intention?

It all starts with my morning! I wake up around 6am and immediately go to my yoga mat to stretch. I take in the new day and all its glory, and slowly welcome my thoughts into my day. With big, deep breaths, I stretch out and enjoy the beauty of the present moment. My head is clear - I’m patient and grateful. And while my day doesn’t always go as planned, I often think back to my mornings and regain a sense of calmness. The verbiage around self-care / self-love is getting a lot of hype, and I’m all for it. The more people become in tune with themselves, the better we’ll all become.

I also love to cook! After an exhausting day, I find cooking to be very therapeutic (accompanied by wine or beer). I have this fabulous, affordable organic market next door to me where I get most of my fruits and veggies. On Sundays I’ll make two loaves of fresh bread for the week. Yes, two. : )

What are some shops everyone who visits Brooklyn should experience?

Oh that is so tough! I only moved to Brooklyn about 6 months ago, so I am a total newbie. Coffee at Routine, ice cream at Van Leeuwin, art at the Brooklyn Museum, ramen at Ryujin Ramen, dancing at House of Yes and a beer at my local bar, The Evergreen. But there’s so much more!!

Favorite dish for a dinner party?

Homemade earl grey ice cream!

Drink of choice?

I recently got a SodaStream which has been a total game changer. I drink so much more water now! I love to concoct my own fresh sodas with homemade simple syrups and fruits. A current favorite is muddled strawberries with mint and lemon simple syrup. That, or a Lagunitas IPA.

Your Sunday routine?

My Sunday starts with a good stretch and a cup of coffee. Sunday is bread day, so I’ll get the dough prepped and let it rise for a few hours. I usually take my lovely pup Ema out for a walk to the park, where she spends the majority of the time looking up at the trees, trying to catch squirrels. After that I’ll head home and do a few hours of fun work for my shop, like finding new designers and uploading new products. My partner Brandon will most likely be working as well (fellow entrepreneur!), and together we’ll work, listen to jazz albums and riff ideas off one another. In the afternoon I’ll take a break, get the bread baked, and head out to explore Brooklyn! Brandon and I will take a long afternoon walk through Bed-Stuy, pop into a few shops, then end up at one of my favorite spots, Saraghina’s, for drinks and dinner. If there’s time, we’ll watch a documentary at night. But…the perfect Sunday ends with me sleeping by 10. 

To obtain the perfect gift of just browse the lovely inventory please visit 48 & Sea