Essential Oils with Sophie from Roseview

One of the greatest benefits of living in Los Angeles while in my 30's is the abundance of health-conscious mothers in my local community.  Hailing from places around the world, the mothers in Los Angeles typically share a common desire to heal their children through natural modalities This brings me to my friend Sophie Assa, a friend and the creator of Roseview, a new site about her wellness journey with her family.  Sophie is the epitome of the modern Los Angeles mother.  She forages with her daughter on hikes and bakes her own bread (even though she is gluten free).  She wears local designer labels and is well-traveled.  She has a crystal collection and heals with essential oils.  She also holds weekly meetings for essential oils and since they aren't yet a staple in our home, I asked her to share one of her most useful remedies with me.  We decided on the stress blend that she created to help her manage the busy Los Angeles Days.

S | Today my time is precious. The good old days of lay in's are long gone. On a sick day I may find time to kick my feet up on the couch and dive into a binge watching hall pass. However, most days I am counting down the hours I have left to accomplish everything I set out to do that day. Which usually consists of me attempting half and then actually only fulfilling a quarter of those! It seems as if we are all a little pressed for time these days, we live in such a fast pace society. This pressure plays a huge role in our daily stress load as well as environmental toxins, diet, lifestyle, work, relationships and for most of us right now politics! Stress is the gateway drug to health related issues. Being a mom, a wife and a daughter I try to take on the world, even if some days it is just within the walls of our own home. It is important that I stay strong. The desire and maternal instinct to care for all the needs of everyone else before mine doesn't serve me. So I created an essential oil blend to help combat those little moments through out the day; when I start feeling that stress load. It may show up differently for everyone. Some get anxious, stressed, snappy, others get distracted, exhausted, defeated. I actually get a physical reaction of adrenaline and then jitters, as if I had too much caffeine. Not only do the oils help with stress on the body and mind but the rhythm of pausing, to recognize and listen to your body is sacred . Taking a couple of minutes to reach into your bag and pull out your essential oils; as you are rolling it on to your skin and inhaling deeply a moment of calm comes over you. Yes the oils work that quickly but its also taking a moment to catch your breath, for some of us we forget to 'really' breathe all day long. These long inhales open your chest and supply oxygen all through out your body causing you to relax and let go. I thoroughly enjoy these moments, just for the sense of smell. Sometimes I need gentle reminders too. I forget it is as simple as a little roller ball to offer some relief. 


Geranium, Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile 

I use the rollerball on my wrists, the soles of my feet, on my ears where I massage it in. Once the oil is on the skin I take it one step deeper as essential oils are best used when inhaled. The scent triggers the brain to interact with the chemicals of that essential oil. It then sends signals to the body and the essential oil enters the blood stream. In order to inhale you can sniff right from the bottle or put 1 drop in your hand and cup over face while taking three deep breaths. You can also diffuse these essential oils in your home or work space to bring calm to the environment. I chose these three essential oils because:

Geranium is a refreshing, relaxing aroma which helps ease nervous tension and stress. It can aid in emotional balance, lift the spirit and foster peace, well-being and hope. 

Clary Sage is a nerve tonic, it is soothing and warming. It helps with hormonal balance and emotional stress. Also targets those moody moments. 

Roman Chamomile is a calming and relaxing oil. It is beneficial to the nervous system, so aids in stress by eliminating anxiety, irritability and nervousness. It can also be used to clear the mind creating an atmosphere of peace and patience. 

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils I host bi-weekly oil classes here in Los Angeles. I personally use Doterra oils as they are 100% therapeutic grade. If you like what you read and want to know more about purchasing oils or customer blends please email me or visit my website under oils. My only word of advice, don't order from amazon, you really do not know where the oil is coming from if you read the reviews many of these oils have been diluted. Here is to a better stress free day!!