When I was pregnant, I ended up spending most of my free moments, cooking, sleeping and rearranging the house (this have always been my favorite pastime), so when people ask me my favorite books for pregnancy, I am at a loss.  I purchased several books with the best intentions of understanding the developments of my body but when it came down to finding the time to read, cooking roasts took priority.  Did any other pseudo-vegetarians become obsessed with roasts during their pregnancy?  This was such a thing for me while I was pregnant with Wallace.  I did discover a book after the birth of Wallace that I would have loved to have owned prior to conceiving.  Momstrology by the AstroTwins is the must-have read for every women with even the slightest hint of baby fever.

Momstrology is everything an astrologically-curious women could hope for.  This books includes an introduction to astrology for those who aren't as versed and makes the information easy to digest for astrologers at every level.  This book breaks down mom and babe by sign and offers insight as to the best ways to communicate between the two signs, how to teach, how to discipline, what to gift and even advises who would be the best baby sitter.  This is immensely helpful as we have all been there and know that trusting someone with your child is one of the hardest decisions in the first year.  This book has helped me understand my role as a mother to Wally and has helped me strengthen the relationship I have with my own mother (which has always been difficult).  It has served as a mirror at times and has explained some of the pisces emotions that Wallace and I both share and has helped shine a light on some of the difficulties I had as an emotional child.  Like the time I freaked out on my grandma for combing out my curls and proceeded to throw a tantrum in the backseat of their car.  Or when I threw a pint glass at my mother for taking away my phone (luckily I had bad aim and she was spared).  Perhaps if my mother would have had more tools, we could have avoided these outbursts.  I am not blaming my mother for my childhood, I went to several years of therapy to say that with confidence and I actually mean it.  I just think books like Momstrology are important and we should use all tools, traditional and untraditional to try to understand our children the best we can.  

At the end of my pregnancy with Wallace, I was on edge of having a Pisces or an Aries.  As a Pisces, I have always found communication with Aries folks difficult, so I did what any neurotic control-freak would do and I induced my own labor.  Looking back, this was silly because it turns out, having a pisces isn't so easy after all.  We are full of emotions and the combination of a mother and babe pisces is pretty intense at times.  I think Wally would have probably been born on the same day if I didn't drink the cocktail that ultimately threw me into labor, but I had to be sure and here we are, two level-three pisces under one roof.  After two years, I am thinking about having another baby so I am studying Momstrology with hopes of planning my next pregnancy with more intention.  I want to be conscious about the conception of our next babe and make sure their energy is complimentary to our home.  Momstrology says that Wallace will be a great older sibling and I can't wait to see how he takes a little brother or sister under his wing and teaches them all he knows.  There is so much magic on the horizon, I can feel it and thanks to this book, I can prepare for it.

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