Poppy & Someday Emerald Salve

As a child and throughout my entire life, I have had intense knee pain that my family refers to as growing pains.  I am 5'4'' so I imagine there is a more accurate term for this type of ailment, but regardless of my height, these pains have been a constant in my life.  Recently, my son also started hugging his knees and I am afraid he might have inherited my pains.  Not wanting to give him over-counter-medicine, I turned to the Emerald Salve from Poppy & Someday and within about 20 minutes, he was no longer in pain.  This salve is made of hemp and lavender so in addition to reducing pain and inflammation it also calmed Wallace down.  Win win!   Emerald Salve is officially in our family survival kit.  After experiencing the amazing results in our own home, I gave this slave to my grandmother, who suffers from fibromyalgia and my brother-in-law who suffers from chronic arthritis.  Both of them saw great results and said it helped with their pain and inflammation.  I don't know about you but if I can prevent two family members from being reliant on pain meds, it's a no-brainer.  My grandmother has since gifted this salve to others that she knows and they are making the same claims.  I am so grateful for companies like Poppy & Someday who are normalizing the benefits of marijuana and making products easily available to the masses.  Can you imagine how fun this world would be if our grandparents were a little more lucid and less reliant on heavy pain meds?  If you know someone who suffers from chronic pain or a little kid who has growing pains, I urge you to try the Emerald Salve and offer them a holistic alternative to western medicine.

For more information on this amazing line and the stunning creator Kari Jansen go here.