Monday Musings

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of spring!  Now that we have a dry yard, our family is beginning to check off the list of projects that stacked up over winter.  We are starting with the garden and are making plans for the fence around the front yard.  Spring cleaning is in full effect over here and I am actually excited about cleaning the closets and purging what we don't need.  What are some projects that you guys are working on to welcome the spring?

Here are some links to keep you inspired this week:

 photo via 

photo via 


The Landscapes by photographer Brooke Holme are incredible 

This new online shop has the best selection of goods and everything is made by women  

I am so happy that color is making it's way back to our lives, long live Marigold 

Have you noticed that pot is everywhere right now?

I finally made it to Midland Shop, it did not disappoint 

We visited the superbloom over the weekend!  

Important for mothers with readers

It's opening day for the Dodgers 

I can't stop listening to this podcast (the break from politics has been nice)