A Guide to Good Bags

In the past, I have been known to stockpile bags.  I gravitate towards them because they always fit, regardless of my eating habits and discounted bags can often be found near the checkout, perfectly placed for an impulse buy.  I have started to purge and am only keeping a select collection that are well-made and used often.  If you have the right bag for every occasion, you don't need to worry about purchasing additional items or which bag you'll carry when.  I am also constantly on the hunt for locally and ethically made bags so I have included quite a few that are handmade in the USA.  Here is a list of bags for a variety of everyday occasions.    

1. The Shopping Tote - from the market to the thrift shop, I love this versatile tote.  Handmade in the USA

2. The Cross-body - the daintiest little bag, perfect for a night out.  Handmade in the USA

3. The Rucksack - The perfect adventure backpack for a day hike or Disneyland.  Handmade in the USA 

4. The Beach Basket - The perfect, lightweight beach bag.  Large enough for beach toys, towels and snacks.  

5. The Weekday Bag - Perfect for your meetings.  Large enough for laptop  and notebooks.  

6. The Circle Purse - I love this woven circle bag and the mission behind the company that makes it.  

7. The Diaper Bag - This company makes the coolest baby goods.  I purchased the changing mat when I had Wally and loved it!  Handmade in the USA.  

8. The Farmer's market basket - After purchasing this shape of basket, I don't think I will ever go back to the slender varieties.  It's so convenient. 


Are there any bags that I missed that you think I should add to my list?  Tell me in the comments below.