How do you stay present as a parent?

Since the elections results came in and the new administration started making drastic changes, my phone has been a non-stop distraction machine.  Sure, social media has been a time-suck since it started but now, with news too compelling to ignore, what used to be mindless meandering has become very time consuming and as a result, I have not been a present parent.  In my case, everything starts with a simple news update.  Then like clockwork, boom, message, boom, response, and suddenly, I am at the beginning of the rabbit hole.  Before I know it, Wally is unraveling toilet paper in the bathroom and I am brining the bad news out of my phone and into my home.  I overreact to Wally, who is only trying to get the attention he deserves and am not the best mother I can be.  It's hard to remember this, but our children have no idea what is happening in the world and we can either choose to create a safe space for them or we can bring the outside in.  Too often I choose the latter so have been looking for inspiration on how to create a more peaceful living environment.  

A few weeks ago I attended The Early Riser Companion Workshop, and it completely brought this idea home.  There are many things that feel out of control right now but we do have control over our home.  I can control how I wake up in the morning and establish a high vibration for the day.  I can filter what comes inside our home and choose to focus on Wallace while I am with him.  I can leave my phone in another room, so I am not tempted to check it and I can restrict my phone usage altogether.  To help each other, Bryan and I have also started giving out subtle reminders to leave the politics for after bedtime, so that while we are with Wally it's light.  Somedays are more difficult that others but this is something that I am being mindful of, because if the next three years are anything like the past three months, it's going to take a lot of work to keep the peace inside our home.  Deep breath.

These are just a couple of ideas that I am implementing to try to stay present while I am with Wally.   

What about you, do you have any ideas on how to be a more mindful parent?  Leave a comment below.