Cinco De Mayo Mango Margarita

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Things have been very hectic this week but that didn't stop me from making a cocktail for the 5th of May.  My margarita recipe is very simple but the addition of mango makes this cocktail special.  I hope you're all having a great Friday and enjoy the weekend with people you love.



  • tequila
  • limes
  • a mango
  • agave
  • ice


  1. Slice mango and puree 
  2. Pour 1 1/2 oz of tequila to a shaker
  3. Add the juice of 1 lime, .75 oz agave, .75 oz mango puree 
  4. Add ice to shaker and shake for ten seconds 
  5. Pour into a glass over fresh ice and garnish with a lime wheel 
  6. Enjoy