Boheme Goods + vintage tote giveaway

If you've been following along in this space, you know that thrift shopping and second-hand goods are a lifestyle that I very much subscribe to.  Naturally, after I discovered the supremely curated vintage shop, Boheme Goods and the stunning owner Sarah, I had to share and collaborate.  Boheme Goods has quickly become a site I visit weekly as Sarah is a thrift master and is constantly updating her inventory.  She has the best eye and curates an insane selection of baskets, ceramics, vintage leather goods and kid's clothes.  I am in love with these and this and this.  If you're also into vintage, I highly recommend putting this site on your radar.  

I asked Sarah a little about her process and history with vintage and have shared her answers below.  For more info about this store and the stunning owner, go here.  


 What's your history with vintage/second hand? 

I grew up going to thrift shops and became fascinated by all the different stories that may be behind these once loved pieces. I always preferred shopping second rather than going to the mall because I loved being able to have something that's unique and not likely to be worn by someone else.

Your favorite scores to find? 

Cashmere, African Baskets and cute kids clothing.

What are you really into right now?  What are your favorite trends for mom/babe/home? 

I'm really into plants in the home. I have no green thumb FYI but cacti have made the dream possible.
I've been happy to see a big rise in ethically made children's-wear the past few years. There are just so many shops out there with the most beautiful designs and fabrics for children.
I'm not huge on colour in my own wardrobe but I've recently invested in a few mustard and peach pieces and I have to admit, I feel so happy wearing colour!

What's one piece you can't live without?

My vintage Levi Strauss jeans. They fit like a glove and the denim is so worn in that they're comparable to sweat pants. But OK to wear outside.

Do you have any advice for thrifting moms?

Try to get a sitter so you can really spend some time going through the shop. Keep an eye out for cashmere, silk, linen, great prints. I don't sort through each piece individually, I walk up the aisle occasionally touching a piece to feel the fabric but can usually spot a great piece just by looking! Also, don't just look in your size. Vintage sizes are much smaller than modern day so if you wear a size 4, you could fit a pair of size 7 vintage jeans perfectly.

What is a typical Sunday like in your home?

We like to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Now that the weathers warming up you can catch us at Gold Creek or up in Squamish. BC has some beautiful spots.

I am honored to have connected with Sarah and am giving away this amazing tote from Boheme Goods!  To enter, follow both companies on Instagram and tag your favorite thrift-shopping partner.  Good Luck!