Sustainable Solution | packing a lunch

Having a toddler means being on move and keeping my child happy while going to and fro, means packing lots of to-go food.  After reading information like this about single-use plastic and the amount of waste that we are creating, I have replaced all of my ziplock bags with sustainable solutions.  I know that plastic bags are convenient and that many people will use them over and over, but they will eventually end get discarded.  I have discovered a few companies that I trust who make amazing sustainable food transportation solutions and I hope I can inspire some of you to start packing zero-waste to-go food.  

To start packing your lunches more sustainably, first you'll need a reusable lunch bag and cloth napkins.  Luckily I found 48 and Sea, who introduced me to this bag by Newton Supply Co. which we now use regularly.  There is no shortage of great linen napkins around but if you're a thrifter, you can always find beautiful napkins at yard sales or thrift shops for next-to nothing.

The next thing you'll need is reusable food transportation and occasionally utensils.  There are a couple of products that I like but first I will focus on To-Go Ware, which makes these cute little stainless steel containers and bamboo utensils.  

What I love about these is that they are air tight, so we can pack messier food without worrying about leaks.  They are lightweight, so I can stash them in my bag without carrying around too much additional weight and are easy to open, so Wallace can take with him to school without a problem.  The utensils work well for him and are a good size for toddler use.  

The next product that I use when we pack to-go food is Bee's Wrap.  You know how your grandparents will take home their left-over restaurant food in a napkin?  This is the same concept except these wraps are reusable and sticky so they mold to anything you put inside them.  They are also sustainably made and completely compostable.  

We use the variety pack at home and often find ourselves in need of more.  I love wrapping cheese, cut up fruit (it stays really fresh inside this wrap), loaves of bread and anything that I want to stay really fresh.  I also use the larger sheets to cover bowls that I take to gatherings which is way cuter than showing up with food wrapped in plastic.

What are some products that you really love and is there anything that I missed?  Leave me additional suggestions in the comments below.


Cheers to sustainable lunches!