Monday Musings

Happy Monday!  There are so many exciting things happening around here and with all of these house projects, summer is just passing us by.  Here are some links to keep you inspired this week.  

 photo @fire_onthe_mesa 

photo @fire_onthe_mesa 


We are going back to the french press for our coffee and I've got my eye on this beauty 

I have started juicing again, which feels really wonderful and here is some pretty great inspiration for creative juices

The new vintage shop that I can't get enough of 

I wished I smoked more pot so I could justify owning this 

It's on the way you guys!  

The Chest Rub I use on Wally when he's got a little cough, it works really well!

I am totally onboard with this trend 

I am so excited about the return of this show

We are finally getting onboard with Berkey and are stepping up our water game 

Some great guidelines for post-workout face washing 

If you know me, you know that I love twinning with Wally so obviously we need these mugs